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Cultivate civic leaders.
Build regional capacity.
Ensure a thriving economy.

The 2024-25 cohort begins classes in October. If you are interested in applying to a future cohort, please Sign Up below!


Leadership is born from the spirit of Serving First and Leading Later. Servant leadership is not earned through a single event or with a course certificate. It is a life-long journey that is demonstrated through individual encounters and cultivated relationships. It is not about the great man or woman, but the great acts of service rendered for others. Within organizations, we must recognize that people change, new events occur, and challenges and opportunities emerge. We will explore servant leadership’s timeless philosophy along with its values, principles, and practices. Where you start really does matter. 


  • Embrace a Heart for Service and a Head for Results

  • View Servant Leadership as a philosophy — a way of being that leads to a way of doing

  • Learn that true strength comes from the values of humility,  vulnerability, courage, and gratitude

  • Understand the foundational principles of leadership — Trust, Awareness, Community, Empathy, and Paradox

  • Learn the three groups of servant leadership behaviors and practices – Knowing, Growing, and Showing

  • Understand that Servant Leadership is a philosophical framework that is practiced personally and professionally

  • Recognize that Community & Civic Literacy create greater awareness of the institutional and organizational assets that engage residents and lead to resilient communities 


  • Develop diverse civic leaders across Noble County’s communities

  • Introduce individuals to all sectors of the local economy

  • Provide opportunities for individuals to share their voice and engage in decision-making

  • Develop a pipeline of new leaders to fill seats on local boards, volunteer, and seek political offices


  • Draw insights from voices from across the county and region

  • Discover the 5 Pillars of a Thriving Noble County

  • Learn about local assets and resources

  • Visit and tour Noble County venues and businesses

  • Meet other leadership cohorts to explore issues of relevance and importance in Noble County and the region

  • Profile the businesses and organizations that matter to you

  • Learn the value of withdrawal, reflection, and journaling to positively shape minds using gratitude, humility, vulnerability, and courage

  • Network and develop relationships with others from across Noble County and the region

  • Uncover opportunities to lead and follow your passion

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